Traveling is like a palette cleanser for your hectic boring life. It’s an escape to find some peace and explore new places. But before you travel somewhere, it is important that you know a few basic things about that place. If you have chosen Bhutan to be your next travel destination, here are a few things that you should keep in mind before you book your Bhutan Package and embark on your journey to the Land of Thunder Dragon.

Experience their festivals

The Kingdom of Bhutan is well known for its vivid culture and heritage. In order to get a first-hand experience of their amazing culture, you should plan your journey to this out-of-the-world country during one of their colorful festivals. Some of their famous festivals are the Thimphu Tshechu festival, Paro Tshechu Festival and Jajmbay Lhakhang Drup Festival.

Homestay for your stay

Heritage is also a famous aspect of the Kingdom of Bhutan. By opting for a homestay instead of hotels, you can gain insight into the traditions and heritage of the country. Staying in a home-stay will also help you create some bond and connection with the local people of Bhutan.

Don’t forget to pack woolens

There can be a sudden drop in temperature in Bhutan even in summer. Carrying woolens or a light jacket to cover up will help you in staying unaffected by the drop in mercury. The locals believe in dressing up in a conservative manner and you may also be asked to wear those types of clothes during your temple visits.

You can use both US Dollars and Indian Rupees

While traveling to any country, it is crucial that you keep enough money in their currency handy. In the case of Bhutan, you need not worry since both USD and INR are acceptable in this kingdom.

Respect the royal family

For the people of Bhutan, their monarchs are their gods. The royal family holds immense respect in the eyes of the citizens and the same is expected from outsiders. Make sure that you don’t mock the monarchs and hurt the sentiments of the locals.

 Learn some important words in Dzongkha

Dzongkha is the native language of the Kingdom of Bhutan. More often than not, you can communicate well in English. But still, it is necessary to know a little bit of Dzongkha in order to communicate with the local people of Bhutan.

You can buy handicrafts but definitely not antiques

This is one of the most important things to know for people who visit Bhutan because most of them are not aware of this. It is legally not permitted to buy antiques in Bhutan but you can buy their handicraft items.

In case of any further assistance about this amazing country, you may just look for Bhutan tourism to get more information. Make sure that you choose the right time and carry essentials for your trip. Keep these tips in mind and have a blast on your vacation.