Just because you’re traveling on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beautiful destinations in Australia. The best way for a budget traveler to enjoy the wonders of Down Under is to rent a campervan hire Australia.

A campervan hire Australia is cheap and as comfortable as you need it to be when you’re traveling for a week or so. Depending on your budget, you can stretch out your trip time if you forego a few extra luxuries that aren’t always needed on a campervan.

There are also other ways to cut down on expenses as you travel to Adelaide. If you are traveling to Adelaide and you don’t want to spend too much money, there are a few places that can help you to save some cash while still having a good time.The following are a few road trips stops for the budget-conscious traveller who wants to enjoy their trip without spending too much:

  • Victor Harbour Beachfront Holiday Park is a great spot for you to park and sleep at if you’re travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide. There are powered and unpowered options, so if you’re hoping to cut back on some spending, you can choose the unpowered option for your campervan. As the name implies, you’ll get some beachfront and what could be better than that. If you don’t feel like doing the whole drive in one day, it’s as good a place to stop as any.
  • If you want to stop for a bite to eat between Melbourne and Adelaide, you could always try places like Magnolia Bakery and Café in Beaufort or Vines Café and Bar in Ararat. There are plenty of cheap eats along the way, but if you can deal with snack foods on the way, why not hold your pocket change for the great cheap eats in Adelaide?
  • Check out the Naracoorte Caves if you’re driving that route. It won’t take much out of your wallet but will provide you with a nice little break during your road trip. Underground caves with amazing fossil records? Okay, maybe it’s not interesting for everyone, but it surely will be fascinating for the paleontologists among you.
  • Not so into caves? Well then you may like a stop in the Coonawarra Wine Region. While you may not be up to wining and dining on your budget, wine tasting doesn’t cost that much and can give you a taste of the wines that you may want to budget for the next trip around. Coonawarra Wine Region is located in a lovely historic town known as Penola.
  • Does it cost anything to enjoy views? Sometimes it does, but a view of the Mount Gambier doesn’t need to cost a thing. From the sinkholes to the caves, to the Blue Lake, Mount Gambier is the kind of natural (and not pricey) destination that you’ll want to stop by when road tripping towards Adelaide.

What to do once in Adelaide?

If you’ve saved on your trip but still want to cut back on spending while in Adelaide, there is plenty for you to do without breaking the bank. For example:

  • Visit the weekend markets. The weekend markets are where you can find plenty of local goodies, as well as trinkets and souvenirs. Most of the time, you’ll find some decent prices, so if you want to do your food shopping for your time in the city, it’s a great place to find anything from sweets to cheeses.
  • Eat at the Adelaide Central market. If you want to check out what locals eat, go to Adelaide Central Market and spend a few dollars here and there on delectable goodness. You won’t empty your pocket but you will fill up your belly—so worth it.
  • Check out art galleries. Rarely will you find an expensive art gallery—at least not in Adelaide. If you are an art lover, you’re in for a real treat. The Art Gallery of South Australia has thousands of art pieces from all over the world.

In Conclusion

You can enjoy the beauty of Australia without going into debt. If you’re travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide, there are a few ways to get there and many places to see that won’t cost too much. As you plan your trip, make sure to look up the best petrol stations for fueling up, as well as the cheap eats that you may want to try.

Adelaide may have some expensive activities and places, but not everything is going to cost too much for your budget. Your first wise decision is to rent a low-priced campervan hire Australia and then do your research for a memorable trip in one of the best areas of the country. Adelaide is a favorite destination for many and once you’re there, you’ll see why.