Destination weddings by their nature lend a bold element for your wedding that simply can not be taken by matters arranged inside your hometown. Having an exotic locale enables wedding visitors to forget about everyday worries and be immersed within the wedding setting.

Due to their component of fun and air of carefree romance, destination weddings create special recollections which will serve you for a lifetime for that wedding couple and wedding visitors too. Not just are wedding visitors discussing the valued moments from the wedding with the pair, they’re also discussing the expertise of a wonderful vacation.

Statistics reveal that destination weddings are rapidly growing in recognition. Today, one inch every ten couples decides to get married inside a destination wedding. With destination weddings becoming a lot more mainstream, the options for wedding locations will also be growing.

But because of so many choices, where are the best place to possess a destination wedding? Each different location features its own benefits, however, many locations are certainly more popular with wedding couples than the others are. Continue reading and you will learn the 2010 most widely used destination wedding spots so that you can choose a good option for the destination wedding.

The greatest spots for destination weddings in 2007 are:

The Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Encompassing Cancun, the area of Cozumel along with other areas around the eastern coast of Mexico, the Riviera Maya is definitely an affordable and exotic place for destination weddings. Couples that like Mexico for his or her nuptials won’t be encircled by amazing natural splendor, but they’ll be also immersed within the wealthy culture from the region.

One more reason why the Mayan Riviera is a good option for destination weddings is since it is less costly overall than areas. You will get more for the money there than you are able to elsewhere. The additional value for your money combined with the stunning beauty and welcoming culture of Mexico helps make the Mayan Riviera a really hot place for destination weddings.

The Bahamas

Near the coast of Florida, the hawaiian islands from the Bahamas are filled with sandy beaches and plush plant life. The Bahamas are ideal for couples seeking an exotic paradise for his or her destination wedding. Composed well over 700 islands, the Bahamas offers a multitude of wedding sites. You will get married on the white-colored sand beach or perhaps in an outdoor encircled by countless tropical flowers.


The place to find gorgeous beaches and natural gems like Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica is really a tempting spot to plan a destination wedding. With more than 7 resorts in Jamaica, Sandals and Couples Resorts dominate the destination wedding market around the island. And using wedding ceremony planning services supplied by Sandals and Couples, wedding couples can savor the great thing about Jamaica and plan their destination wedding effortlessly. Offering all-inclusive wedding packages to wedding couples, both Sandals and Couples keep it simplistic and cost-effective to organize destination weddings.


For couples who reside in the Western U . s . States, Hawaii is an ideal place for a destination wedding and could be arrived at via short flights from California along with other West Coast states. In the sizzling nightlife of Waikiki on Oahu towards the stunning waterfalls of Kauai, each Hawaiian island holds its very own special treasures. Hawaii brings dramatic natural splendor and also the exotic Polynesian culture to destination weddings.

Once you decide to possess a destination wedding, you will find that you have to face numerous location choices. Now you know typically the most popular spots for destination weddings, you are able to narrow lower your alternatives making it simpler to choose the right place for the wedding.